What I saw and heard today were professional musicians who put their heart and soul into their instruments. It was a marvel how full a sound one gets from three instruments, expertly played. The musicians displayed God given gifts, evidence of many hours of hard work, and yet were playful, passionate, and personable in their performance. The Brahms Horn Trio displayed their abilities to work together, fading back when another voice (instrument) was to take the lead and coming forth when it was their turn. Truly delightful and what a great way to begin this program. Thank you!

Janet Fredrich
September 11, 2017


The inaugural concert of the Summit Avenue Music Series, presented on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, demonstrated the healing and unifying power of music and the ability to lift our spirits. Chamber music represents communication, collaboration and empathy among the performers and the unique ability to draw the audience into an intimate setting. This series offers listeners an opportunity to hear live professional performances not in the genre usually available in other entertainment venues. What a wonderful opportunity!

Ruth Anderson
Sept. 18, 2016


May I say that, along with many others, the creation of the Summit Avenue Music Series is a stellar addition to other events in New Ulm!

Penelope Purtzer
October 17, 2016